Our Story

“AlKhabiya restaurant is a family business founded in 2004. It offers Lebanese and Levant traditional dishes”. Al Khabiya Rsetaurant is designed with the spirit of Lebanese villages in a modern approach. It serves its authentic dishes in special clay pots (fekhar) brought especially from Lebanon to guarantee the authenticity and taste of the traditional dishes with a pinch of love. Alkhabiya provides a gastronomic experience for exquisite dishes that vary from cold to hot Lebanese rich "mezze" to traditional main courses that make you feel that these dishes are prepared by "Teta" (grandmother) in your own village house, while you see "Jeddo" (grandfather) supervising the food serving with his smile that all our customers are now used to.

Fattah & Foul


We have all
kinds of Fatteh

● Fatteh With Yogurt
● Fatteh With Tahini
● Fatteh With Oil ( Faasah )
● Fatteh With Tahini and Meat
● Fatteh With Yogurt & Meat
● Eggplant fattah
● Eggplant fattah with meat
● Fatteh With Yogurt & Chicken

We have all
kinds of Foul

● Foul
● Foul With Hummus
● Foul With Vegetables
● Foul With Tahini
● Foul With Yogurt
● Foul With Yogurt & Tahini

The Best

Today's Speciality

Lamb Chops

Dhs 47.25

Al Mamourah Behind Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
Tel.: 026433550

Al Muroor Street Facing Emirates Mega Market
Tel.: 024455520